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Your Little Side Biz – a comprehensive audio course

After three people asked me in one week: "How did you create your side biz?" I gathered some interested folks together and told them everything I knew.

I created the 3-week Your Little Side Biz Workshop: How to Generate Concepts, Clients and Cash. I taught this course live twice...

...and then I recorded it, edited it, and uploaded it here especially for YOU.

Starting a little side business for myself was one of the best things that I did for my acting career. It gave me control over my schedule, the ability to give myself raises, and an exit from the grind of having multiple job-jobs.

That's what I want for you – to have the funding and freedom to pursue your true passions.

Are you concerned that YOU won't be able to do it?

• Cuz you're art-sy, not business-y…
• Cuz your life is already going a mile a minute so how will you make time...
• Cuz you hate the thought of having to “sell" anything to anyone…
• Cuz you've never done something like this before…
• Cuz your family will think you're nuts (or even more nuts…)

All of that was true for me too.

Having a side biz is not a good fit for everyone, but, if nothing else, this course will help you answer the question of whether or not it will be a good fit for YOU. (If it is, then you'll have all the info you'll need to proceed. If it isn't, then you'll be spared from wasting time going down that path.)

What DO these 6+ hours of audio + PDFs include?

Everything you need to know to find a service you can provide that people will pay you for. And how to find the people who will pay. And what you should charge them. Also, how to keep your side biz small and profitable so you have enough time in your week to do what you really want to do. My answers to all of the questions that the participants of the live courses asked. And my robust resource list. Oh, and you get to listen to 8 coaching sessions where I'm advising folks at all stages: from someone who is evaluating ideas, to someone who has just started her biz, to someone who has a biz and wants to make some adjustments.

What DON'T these 6+ hours include?

This course is NOT about creating an online biz. Obviously, I know how to do that too, but it's a more complex operation. The quickest, easiest and cheapest way to make money is via a service-based biz – so that's what I'm teaching you to do in this course. (Once you start working with clients in-person, you'll start to get viable ideas about how you can serve them virtually or make products/courses for them.)

If applied, this info can help you shift to your next level of success.

(And if you don't agree, let me know, and I'll give you a refund.)

Keep betting on yourself – I believe in you,


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