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Feeding Your Focus – audio book (a great place to start!)

Too many people are trying to build their careers on shaky ground. (Are you?)

Building on shaky ground means you are working harder for fewer results.

No. More. Of. That.

Instead, let's put a rock-solid foundation in place that will serve you for many years to come so you won't be distracted any longer from what's truly important: sharing your gifts with the world.

I wrote and recorded this book just for YOU.

Feeding Your Focus specifically addresses the life circumstances unique to us creative types – a life that usually has a crazy, unpredictable schedule… and abrupt shifts in employment… and wild fluctuations of income.

I know that life. I've lived that life.

Feeding Your Focus will teach you how to reclaim clarity, stability, and peace within that life.

This audiobook delivers practical and powerful guidance that you'll be able to implement immediately – whether you are taking the first step on your path or you are years into your journey. Guaranteed.

Each of the 4 sections in this audiobook is packed with the wisdom I've been gathering and using to transform the lives, careers, and environments of my private clients for almost 20 years.

Part 1: Focus & Strategy – is all about how to build momentum in your life and career.

Part 2: Home Office Efficiency – is all about creating a physical environment that supports you rather than drains you.

Part 3: Financial Organization – is all about putting a little routine in place so you always “know your number."

Part 4: Networking: How and Why – is all about building the relationships you want without feeling icky, intrusive, aggressive, or needy.

What DO these 8 hours of audio + PDFs include?

My very best step-by-step strategies that will shave years off your learning curve and save you a boatload of cash. AND I will walk you (in detail) through organizing your home office – I have yet to find any other professional organizer who has recorded such a thorough, client-friendly, hands-on, time-tested tutorial as this one.

What DON'T these 8 hours include?

A bottle of champagne for you to celebrate the start of this new chapter of your life. (An oversight on my part, for sure.)

Roxanne Coyne nailed it when she said:

"Feeding Your Focus is a basic tool for anybody who is self-employed – not even just actors or people who are in the arts, but anybody who is embarking on something where they are on their own. If you could get a degree from a university in 'being self-employed,' this would be the core curriculum. After listening to the book, it became crystal clear what I wanted to do – and I started saying 'no' to a lot of things."

(And if you don't agree, let me know, and I'll give you a refund.)

Keep betting on yourself – I believe in you,


You'll get 4 MP3s and 1 PDF

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